Milling, boring, drilling, tapping, broaching, planing, shaping, slotting etc

600 Centre: Stand 5222

On display is the latest Fanuc Series 16i control which contains highly advanced preview control to reduce servo delay on the axis drives. New levels of control options include the A1 Nano Contour Control, giving precise interpolation capability. With Nano Contour the positional command is distributed to the digital servo system in discrete nanometer steps even though the program command is given in microns. Combined with the 180 block look-ahead capability a high precision, digitally created surface is easily achieved.

Cincinnati Machine: Stand 5568

The new range of Hawk M-Series CNC lathes will be making their UK debut at this year’s show. Also on view will be the recently launched V5-2000 five-axis, vertical CNC machining centre and the Hawk M-Series driven tool CNC lathes.

Cross Huller: Stand 5060

Increased levels of productivity and machine flexibility are promised by Cross Huller for the Witzig & Frank Twinflex which it is displaying. This five-axis machining centre has two stations set up for multiple-spindle machining. Its production advantage lies in the short chip-to-chip time of only one second and minimal waiting times achieved through a pendulum machining process, so the machining units are not idle during the loading/unloading sequence.

The machine has two CNC-controlled, independently driven, variable-speed swiveling units with CNC-controlled circular tables mounted at a right angle to the axes of rotation to accommodate the workpiece location, creating the concept of five-sided machining.

Heller Machine Tools: Stand 5240

Redditch-based machine tool manufacturer Heller will be exhibiting its MC26 horizontal machining centre for the first time in the UK. With its improved cutting performance and HSK 80 tool holding, the MC26 offers customers a further reduction in piece-part costs and greater process security. The use of HSK 80 taper offers increased stiffness and process capability when using long and large diameter tools. The machine on display also features a 52kW spindle drive, 60m/min rates and 10m/sec acceleration and 4.5sec chip to chip time.

HK Technologies: Stand 4634/4004

Among the new products on the HK stand will be minimal lubrication systems from Sinis that, under optimal conditions, are said to deliver cost savings up of to 50% compared to emulsion-based coolant systems. Sinis LubriLean uses a smaller amount of lubricant injected precisely at the cutting edge where it is needed.

Lead Machine Tools: Stand 4889

One of the highlights on Lead’s stand is the launch of the new Ibarmia machining centre, the ZV25/D600. The high-productivity, flexibly configured unit is capable of handling a wide range of materials including stainless steel and titanium. In its standard configuration it is mainly designed for small to medium-size work pieces in large or small batch quantities. But because of its small, 4m x 3.6m footprint it is also ideal for manufacturers with a space limitation.

Mikron Birmingham: Stand 4410

Mikron is launching the UCP 710 high-performance universal machining centre on its stand. For demonstrations this will be configured for simultaneous five-axis cutting in any table position. Such is the design of the machine that with the Z and Y axis constant, machining conditions are maintained throughout the cutting cycle. The machine will be controlled by an Heidenhain TNC 430 and will be fitted with an 18,000rpm Step-Tec high-speed spindle.

Mollart Machine Tools: Stand 5265

Bringing the fruits of 12 months’ accelerated product development to the market for MACH 2000, Mollart is launching two totally new, competitively priced, small to mid-range CNC controlled gundrilling machines. The Prismabore expands the one-hit machining philosophy into a competitively priced hybrid/combination process machine. Shown alongside the Prismabore will be a new version of the Drillsprint low-cost, deep-hole drilling machine.

TW Ward CNC Machinery: Stand 5004

The trio of machines is being displayed at MACH by Ward CNC of Sheffield, as sole UK distributor for Hankook, Soraluce and Toshulin. They offer customers a heavyweight price-to-performance package comprising horizontal turning, bed and floor-type milling and vertical boring, turning and milling capacity. The display is spearheaded by the latest Toshulin high-performance VTL/mill-turn centre, which boasts a patented, innovative tool- change system that can reduce tool costs.

Yuasa Warwick Machinery: Stand 4654

Japanese machine tool manufacturer Enshu will demonstrate a world-first nitrogen machining pack, which extracts nitrogen from air rather than using expensive gas bottles. The extraction system is mounted directly to the side of the machine and requires only an electrical supply for operation. It is suitable for use on any fully guarded machining centre in the Enshu range with through-tool coolant facility and coolant jets. When cutting materials such as cast iron and hardened steel, the system eliminates the need for coolant, which is costly to buy and dispose of as well as being environmentally unfriendly.