Process, automation, assembly, robotics, vision systems

Balluff/Multiswitch: Stand 5467

The stand will feature the latest innovation in sensing, safety and control systems for use in the machine tool and automotive industries. Three new categories comprise miniature sensors, BIS coding systems and Jay slimline safety light barriers.

Blum Novotest: Stand 4120

Blum will be exhibiting the latest developments in the ultra-precise laser-tool monitor systems, developed to withstand the rough conditions experienced within machining centres. Using this non-contact measuring system allows the user to interrogate the cutting tool in all its facets of operation. By controlling the precise measuring of the cutting tool in the work spindle and at full operational speed, the overall quality control is greatly enhanced.

Fastems Oy AB: Stand 4290

Fastems is to unveil new FMS hardware and software at this year’s MACH exhibition. As a flexible alternative to rotary and in-line pallet pools, which cannot be altered once they have been configured, Fastems of Finland has introduced a new, expandable magazine for storing and handling pallets.

Making its UK debut at MACH 2000, the modular FPM system can store any number of pallets and deliver them automatically to one or more machines in a totally flexible manner. There will also be new, integrated control software MMS, which is entirely PC-embedded and eliminates the need for PLCs.