Punch presses, shearing, nibbling, notching, plasma/laser/waterjet cutting

Press & Shear: Stand 3409

The Finn-Power Work Centre E5, equipped with a robot for loading the sheet and unloading finished components, will be demonstrated for the first time in the UK on the Press & Shear stand.

Fully electronic servo-controlled punching and forming as well as the ability to form work beneath the sheet are two features which distinguish the E5 from other punch press designs.

A noteworthy characteristic of the machine is its use of an electronic servo motor-driven roller and cam arrangement to actuate the ram. Through the mechanical advantage achieved by the cam design, punching force up to 200kN is available – while the system, which utilises pneumatic ram return, is capable of punching and nibbling at hit rates up to 480 strokes per minute in material up to 8mm thick. It provides a high degree of control over form tool operation, with claimed repeatability of 0.01mm.

Pullmax: Stands 3232/3340

Pullmax has selected MACH 2000 for its return to major exhibitions after an absence of more than eight years. On show will be the Pullmatic 126 FC punching machine which will feature the automatic load and unload facility as well as the new extended tooling magazine (ETM), which is being shown in the UK for the first time. The ETM extends the existing magazine by 45 tools to 59 usable tools. Tool changes take place while the machine is running resulting in no down-time.

Rainer SRL: Stand 3440

The new Rhodes Quartz 380 HS CNC turret punch press, which will be demonstrated, has been designed specifically to fill the gap that exists between traditional manual piercing methods and high cost CNC punching machines and laser technology. Quartz specification includes maintenance free linear servo motors for positioning of the X and Y axes to within 0.1mm at speeds of 56m/min. The compact hydraulic system is housed within the machine frame for ease of transport and location and can deliver 20 tonnes of punching power at rates in excess of six hits per second. And requiring a motor of only 7.5kW, operating costs are kept down.

Tower Machine Tools: Stand 3410

On show will be Vectrum 3046 and Motorum 2044 punch presses with sheet metal handling cells. And making its UK debut is the FG-1250 cell loader system.

The FG-1250 brings sheet metal automation to a new level. It adopts servo control technology for X-, Y- and Z-axis drive and uses the latest Windows NT FMS controller. The cell is designed for micro-jointless parts production to eliminate post-part finishes processes. The sheet skeleton is automatically offloaded and stacked as part of the offload function.

Wilson Tool Int: Stand 3209

A new series of punches for users of Trumpf, Pullmax, Boschert, Euromac and Omes turret punch presses that claim to provide twice the grind life previously available will be launched at MACH by Wilson. Designated 2.4.1, the tooling series introduces a whole range of benefits including the elimination of setting error due to the fixed angular position of the punch and a direct load capability into the machine which negates the need to preset the tool in a fixture.