LK: Stand 5908

MACH 2000 marks the launch of a new range of five optical machines called LK Vision, which use video analysis to inspect components without contact. The system is particularly useful for measuring flexible components and small features which cannot be accessed by conventional touch trigger probing even with the smallest diameter stylus of 0.3m. In the basic configuration a CNC platform moves the component under the 339,636 pixel CCD camera, where an array of lighting conditions – sub-platform, surface ring or through camera – provide the contrast required to facilitate single or multiple point collection. The accuracy of the LK Vision ranges from 2 + L/250 for a 200mm by 100mm envelope, to 4+ L/250 for the 300mm by 300mm variant.

Newall Measurement Systems: Stands 5700/5758

Newall Measurement Systems will demonstrate the long-term economic benefits of its linear transducers at its stand at MACH 2000. Its Spherosyn and Microsyn transducers are totally sealed against normal factory and workshop environments, being impervious to all contaminants such as oil, coolant, dust, dirt, metal filings and swarf. Their ability to work accurately even when submerged has been proven in such demanding applications as positioning nuclear fuel rods in France and measuring metal plates on oil rigs to a depth of 25m under the North Sea.

Nikon UK: Stand 5810

Nikon UK will be displaying its Nikon Excellent Vision (Xexiv) system. Measurement of fine detail on micro-miniature and micro-electric components and intricately detailed miniature dies and tooling, is crucial for ensuring reliable performance.

Apart from 2D and 3D profiles, users also seek to check surface textures and colour, edge sharpness and integrity, and capture and process data in conformance with various standards. Not every user requires all these facilities in one instrument, so Nikon UK has developed the Nexiv video measuring system to meet a wide variety of individual measurement needs. Basically Nexiv offers CNC 10X high-speed zoom and higher magnification models, including U2-compliant types. The CNC five-step 10X zooming feature allows automatic correction for shifts in the optical axis caused by magnification changes. In other words, parcentricity is guaranteed.

Schmitt Europe: Stand 5201

Among the products on show from Schmitt Europe will be the new SBS automatic dynamic balancing system computer controller and a range of laser-based measurement equipment, some using breakthrough technology. The SBS-4500 computer controller, launched in May 1999, has been developed to bring higher levels of accuracy and processing speed to the industry. Fully compatible with all previous types of SBS, the SB-4500 reduces balancing times by 50% and balances to within 0.2 microns (peak to peak) or 0.01 microns (peak) at speeds of 300 to 300,000. Visitors to the stand can sign up for a free, no obligation trial of the SBS system.

Taylor Hobson: Stand 4695

At MACH 2000, Taylor Hobson is exhibiting three new products launched last year that it claims are unique in their fields: the Surtronic Duo, a portable surface roughness instrument combining Ra and Rz measurements in one product; HoloMapper & Surface, revolutionary non-contact instruments used for 3D shopfloor metrology; and Talyscan 150, a contact and non-contact scanning instrument for 3D measurement. Director of marketing Roger Morton says: `Its shape ensures that it can sit in the hand and be operated at the touch of a button. It also provides a fast measurement and the option of being used remotely so that users can access difficult surfaces.’

Vision Engineering: Stand 5724

Vision will be launching Lynx, its latest visual inspection system, on its stand at MACH . Lynx develops the strengths of the company’s high magnification Cobra Expanded Pupil Microscope. The Lynx enjoys versatility, interchangeability and can use all Cobra’s field-proven accessories and options, which include objective lenses, multipliers, camera offtakes, graticules and variable illumination, plus a variety of system mounts.