Material breaks mould

Micatherm HT, a high-temperature material being moulded by Morgan Matroc at Sandy in Bedfordshire, combines the electrical and physical properties of a technical ceramic with the manufacturing ease and accuracy of a thermoset.

The ceramic composite material is mouldable to the same precision as an injection-moulded part, to include thin-walled sections and metal inserts.


Toolmaker Tri-Plas in Birmingham has cut the cost of repairing worn moulds by around 75% and improved quality by investing in its own repair capability. Using the Sifco selective plating process, it has also cut production downtime.

Sifco plating can be applied selectively to worn areas affected by corrosion from the glass content in the thermoplastic moulding material. Lost metal can be replaced in minutes, matched for material type, hardness and finish on the most intricate of profiles without generating heat.


Sprays with a high metal content for a variety of applications are available from Wixroyd. The aluminium spray contains 99.5% pure aluminium for all-weather protection on exhaust systems at up to 800 C. Other sprays include zinc, stainless steel, copper, brass and chrome-silver.