Drugs company gives a lift to safety

Trucks used to handle drums of flammable liquids at Glaxo Wellcome’s Dartford pharmaceuticals plant have been fitted with protective equipment by safety specialist Pyroban.

The modification involved fitting Pyroban’s Automech 3 flame protection system, which meets HSE Zone 1 requirements for lift trucks in potentially flammable atmospheres. The system, fitted to diesel-powered forklift trucks and tractors operating inside the ‘red line’ safety area, incorporates longlife flame and spark arrestors.

It was necessary to limit engine surface temperatures to 135 C and to isolate electrical components that cause sparking.

Features include water-cooled exhausts and antistatic fan belts as well as flameproof lighting, windscreen wipers and reverse warning sirens. Some 2,500 people work at the 54ha site making the Aids drug Retrovir and cold sore treatment Zovirax.


To cope with the needs of a new client, subcontract warehousing company McGregor Cory has increased capacity at its Trafford Park warehouse by one third without increasing warehouse space.

The company has switched to double-deep racking to cope with loads up to 3m high, served by Atlet UNS telescopic fork reach trucks. These have been fitted with a moving mast so the telescopic forks can reach double-deep into the racking up to 7.3m high at full load. This overcame a problem which prevented reach trucks getting close to racking. To increase storage space, racking on the lowest level has been removed so pallets stand on the floor.

One third of the total stock is stored at floor level, and can be moved by hand pallet trucks instead of reach trucks.


Good looks, build quality, price and comfort are said to be behind electric motor repairer Taylor & Goodman’s decision to buy five forklift trucks from Crown of Wokingham.

T&G chose the latest Crown SC 3000 three-wheeled counterbalanced forklifts to replace more expensive reach trucks usually used in narrow-aisle work. The trucks, carrying loads up to 1.8 tonnes at heights up to 7.5m, work round the clock, so driver comfort and safety are vital.


Twice as much work from one pedestrian

Pedestrian-operated pallet truck maker Yale has a neat solution to the productivity issue to fit twin stackers to its latest trucks. The MP20D double-stacker units have a combined lifting capacity of 2,000kg.

Said to be suitable for intensive vehicle loading and unloading operations, the MP20D has a rigid mast which carries both sets of forks. These can be mated for single-pallet operation.


Conveyor company SHS is to broaden its customer base beyond specialist handling equipment for corrugated board and other loads unstable because of low friction.

The Stak-Trak conveyor is designed for flexibility and can be built into an established handling system whether it is fully automated or non-powered. It can be set up for unit or multiple load take-off or separation and can be used to accumulate or back-store palletised and unpalletised loads.

The system is powered by a single 1.5kW motor, controlled by a dedicated programmable logic controller. A pneumatic system soft-starts and stops the motor and powers a beam which raises and lowers the central conveyor section which controls load movement.


French company Newtec says its modular palletisers make light work of changes in packaging requirements.

Targeted at food processors, particularly in the drinks sector, Pal-Pack 4700 comes in versions for low or high-level product feed. It can palletise production or filling lines with capacities from 4,000 to 22,000 bits per hour.

Separate modules cater for specific kinds of bottles and cartons. A multi-layer version of Pal-Pack 4700 enables simultaneous palletisation of the output of several lines; up to five slower lines can be combined on the same palletiser.


Jade Industries has added a light-duty model to its range of overhead conveyors. With pendant capacities up to 60kg, the Powertrack 30 targets high-volume handling in manufacturing and distribution. Modular construction makes it easy to install in a wide variety of horizontal and vertical configurations. Conveyor speeds and performance depend on the choice of drive system.