S-Ecopur acts to save the seals

S-Ecopur is a self-lubricating seal developed to handle an adverse side effect of new environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids, which can cause leaks in cylinders and other equipment. Its developer, specialist seals manufacturer Economos, says the new fluids cannot be absorbed by existing seal materials, causing lubrication problems and damaging seals. S-Ecopur is initially aimed at high-speed, high-pressure hydraulic applications in the steel industry, but Economos says it may have wider industrial applications.


Igus now sells a plain bearing with a mounting flange as a single unit, to overcome tricky installation problems on metal sheet. It is interchangeable with conventional flange- mounted ball bearings and eliminates the need for a toleranced bore; a punched hole will do. The bearing, made from dry running Iglidur G material, is light and resists abrasion and corrosion. It can be used for rotary, oscillating and linear motion loads.


As part of the drive to make car air braking systems smaller, ABS supplier United Technologies has cut 6mm from the overall length of its motors. UT saves space by using tolerance-ring assemblies in place of spherical bushings on the rear mounting of the system’s electric motors. Rings supplied by Rencol tolerate 3 misalignment between bearing centres, making assembly easier, and a simpler design of motor housing has cut tooling costs. The motor bearing is made from a powdered metal sleeve-type bearing, mounted by a tolerance ring, which replaces a self-aligning spherical bushing and retaining clip commonly used by the industry.


Bauer Springs has produced guidelines to ensure optimum performance of its disc spring packs, which it says are an efficient method of energy storage and absorption. The guidelines include information on lubricants, guide elements and end thrust plates.


Bearing distributor BSL takes to the road again with the Maintenance Demonstration Product Vehicle, which has been refurbished with the latest SKF products. These include the new spherical roller bearing, used to demonstrate the drive-up method that enables fitters to position a bearing on a shaft correctly to ensure optimum clearance.