Mechnaical Components

Tractor finds its bearings for harvest

Lucassen Young’s Clayton tractor has been fitted with a 30ft long conveyor system to move baby vegetables from the field into the vehicle for grading, trimming, weighing, pricing and packaging. For its vehicle the company specifies special bearings and mounts supplied by vibration control systems company Metalastik.

Spherilastik bearings made from rubber and metal have been developed for vehicle suspensions and mechanical joints.

Needing no lubrication, they combine high load capacities with angular and torsional movement. Metacone mounts provide bump and rebound control with good vibration damping for loads up to 1000kg.


Linear slide maker Hepco now has a cantilever option on its lightweight DLS3 driven linear system. This will suit applications where there is a need for the slideway to move while the carriage remains stationary.

When used with an optional lightweight beam extrusion, the DLS3C becomes the Z axis in a three-axis system typically for high speed short stroke applications or as a horizontal robotic arm.

Weight and inertia are reduced further by mounting the motor on the fixed carriage plate.


Plummer blocks which must survive the rigours of supporting a high speed rotating shaft are claimed to be less likely to suffer damage if they are made from ‘virtually indestructible’ cast steel instead of more brittle cast iron.

That is the thinking behind Criptic-Arvis SSNT plummer blocks which are machined from steel castings in sizes from 40-160mm.

They can be used to replace cast iron versions which have failed due to overloading, excess vibration, impact damage or because they were underspecified.