Darley packs new punch

For processing metal plates, bars, angles and profiles, Darley Multi Power manual and computer- controlled punching machines have a six-station indexing tool head and rotating-die turret. This allows multiple operations to be set up faster than on a single-head machine. With 70 or 110 tonnes punching power, the machines target production runs of complex parts. They can punch 75mm-diameter holes in 25mm-thick steel plate over 0.5m wide and of almost any length.


Ficep high-speed hydraulic shears cut round or square bars in ferrous and non-ferrous metals in cold or hot conditions. Hot shearing is important for cutting alloyed steels to ensure continuity of stock feed in automated forging lines. Mechanical shears produce 32 770 tonnes force; the hydraulic versions produce 60 800 tonnes force.


Using two Comau Smart M1 6-axis robots, pipe can be bent into complex three-dimensional forms without the need for noisy and bulky hydraulic power packs. The robot tube-bending cell, developed by Unison in Scarborough, handles tube typically 12mm in diameter, 1mm thick and up to 3,000mm long.