Laser profiler trims time and money

A 2kW laser profiling machine installed at PWB Replacement Motor Parts is said to be saving thousands of pounds on power press trim tooling for deep-drawn components. It has cut set up time between batches from hours to minutes and tool maintenance has been eliminated.

The Helius laser, from LVD Shape, saves up to four minutes a part, compared with manual trimming, on small batches. That has resulted in more business for PWB from new designs made on shorter time scales.


A pressbrake machine lent to JCB while a bigger machine was being built has become a permanent fixture. It is needed to meet increasing workloads since the earth moving machinery maker cut back on outsourced components.

For two-and-a-half years, JCB has been increasing in-house capacity for folded parts by installing seven Edwards Pearson pressbrakes. The latest, a 500 tonne 4,100mm bed machine, is a PR CNC twin-cylinder hydraulic downstroking pressbrake. It automatically allows for parts of varying length and thickness which can be formed without adjustment, correction or trial bends.


Waterjet systems company ABB I-R has introduced a new generation of CNC controlled X-Y cutting tables available in four sizes from 3x2m2 to 3x8m2.

These are modular tables designed to meet the broad spectrum of production environments from subcontractors to large manufacturers. Entry-level systems have fixed cutting heads. At the next level, height sensors allow the distance between cutting heads to be varied, and a further option is the CNC controlled Z-axis.

The Retrace programme developed by ABB I-R records the progress of the cutting programme and allows the user to return to any point where cutting may have been stopped and restart the process.


The Swift CNC plasma cutting machine has productivity similar to five people marking out and cutting sheet metal parts manually, according to supplier Esab.

The machine can print self-adhesive labels to help identify parts for complex jobs.