News in brief

Jaguar’s jaguars

Car manufacturer Jaguar is donating £1.9m to Chester Zoo to help preserve its feline namesake. The funding, paid over three years, will be used to create a rainforest exhibit and breeding environment for the big cats.

Training boost

Uxbridge College in west London will step up its engineering training after winning an £80,000 Department of Education and Employment contract aimed at encouraging employers to use National Vocational Qualifications as a training method.

Graduate cash

The Teaching Company Scheme, which sponsors the attachment of graduates to firms to learn about new technology, is to expand. Government money from the Department of Trade & Industry will rise from £10m to £20m, allowing an extra 200 programmes a year.

Czech air

TIsubsidiary Bundy Automotive has opened a factory in the Czech Republic to manufacture automotive air conditioning systems. It will supply Opel and other firms previously supplied from the US. Bundy includes S&H Fabrication & Engineering, taken over by TI Group last May.

Mouse hazard

Health risks from computer mice, touchscreen pads and joysticks will be examined in a study into repetitive strain injury (RSI) at Surrey and Loughborough Universities. It will be funded by the Health & Safety Executive.

Steel resolve

A consortium of 26 steel companies and German car maker Porsche is launching a two year study to follow the Ultra-light steel automotive body (ULSAB) project, completed last year. ‘ULSAB-AVC (Advanced Vehicle Concepts) will look at new uses for steel in automotive closures, suspension, engine cradles and other areas.