Internet register

A register of UK test and calibration houses has been set-up on the Internet by Industry on Internet –

Control aware?

Open systems, genetic algorithms and advanced sensing are the least known control technologies, according to a survey by (Control Systems Centre, UMIST and Dept Automatic Control, Sheffield), the latest of the university advanced control clubs

Free fieldbus

Festo is offering free Windows 3.1/95 disks covering fieldbus terminology and technologies. They cover equipment for connection, I/O, savings, etc. Tel: 01252 775057.

Flow resource

The Flow Resource is a new reference area on the Internet from EG&G Flow Technology in the USA


Honeywell has launched a benchmarking service to identify users’ operational strengths and weaknesses. Maurice Wilkins, European manager, says it can provide very useful insights.

Logo! caps it

Lucas Power and Control in Scotland is offering Siemens’ Logo! logic controller for 159. It comes with everything including a cap!


Professional Environmental and Caring Services QA (PECS) is the first UKAS certified body to have its accreditation withdrawn, following a failed appeal in the High Court.