News in brief

Knight’s move

Knight Strip Metals of Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, has acquired Arenastock, a Letchworth metals stockholder.

Energy pair

The Government has appointed two consultants as advisers to its review of energy sources for power generation. Merz & McLellan will assess whether high levels of gas-fired generation could affect the security and stability of the electricity grid, while Wood McKenzie will study the outlook for gas supplies up to 2020.

Clear up warning

The Environment Agency has ordered William Cook Hi-tec Integrity of Penistone, Sheffield, which makes steel casting for the production of steel, ‘to remove used collection bags, clear up spilt dusty material and retrain operators in proper methods of equipment operation’.

Compost trial

Trials of advanced fluidised composting a bacterial and chemical treatment for organic wastes and sludges are to start in Britain and Ireland.

Pay rises slow

Pay rises in the engineering industry fell to 3.5% from 3.6% in the three months to the end of January, the Engineering Employers Federation said.

Solar key

Energy minister John Battle said this week that the Government viewed solar power as a key technology in its plan for renewable energy sources to meet 10% of UK electricity demand by 2010.

Gas round

Eight licences to extract gas mainly methane from coal reserves were awarded in the eighth onshore licensing round.