News in brief

Hologram slam

A record-breaking hologram creating an image of Ford’s P2000 Prodigy concept vehicle was unveiled at the 1999 North American Auto Show in Detroit this month. The full-colour hologram is the world’s largest. Sized at 50% scale, the 3-D image is translucent red and allows the viewer to see inside the vehicle’s powertrain a hydrogen fuel cell.

ICI sales off

ICI’s £455m sale of Tioxide to DuPont has collapsed following objections from the US Federal Trade Commission. The £149m sale of the company’s North American Tioxide business to NL Industries also fell through.

Bad time to float

Motherwell Bridge is the latest engineering company to turn its back on the City. The Scottish group has postponed its plans for a flotation this year. The group said the financial climate would not produce the best returns for shareholders.

Call it Pathtrace

Truline Technology has changed its name to Pathtrace. Managing director Brian Steatham said the Pathtrace product name is stronger than Truline, so it has been adopted to cover all group activities.

Italian job maker

CartoInvest of Italy is to invest £18m in Flintshire, Wales, creating 140 jobs. The family-run company is to manufacture tissue paper products at the site in north-east Wales.

Small and euro shy

Small firms are not ready for the euro, even after its launch, according to a Press Association survey published this week. The report indicates that only 6% of small companies are capable of handling euro transactions, despite having over 20% of sales with continental firms. One in five firms are totally opposed to adoption of the euro.