News in Brief

Welsh training

The Welsh Office is to increase spending on training programmes from £77m to £89.5m in 1999-2000. Spending on training for young people, including modern apprenticeships, is to increase by £9m to £70.4m. Spending on adults is to increase by £3.5m to £19.1m.

MPs meet EEF

John Healey MP and Helen Jackson MP will meet members of the EEF’s Sheffield Association on 10 March to review the Budget.

Millennium test

WST Business Technology technical director Patrick Bossert, who wrote a solution book for the Rubik’s Cube at the age of 12, has developed a millennium compliance test for embedded controllers. The Delta-T is a lap-top computer linked to an analysis box which connects to embedded chips. A chip’s programme code can then be analysed for millennium compliance.

Closure risk

Courtaulds is considering closing two textile factories in north-east England. The closures, a result of overseas competition, would cost 440 jobs. The two factories under threat are in Wallsend and Sunderland.

Model trains

Bombardier Transportation, which won a C$2.6bn (£1.07bn) contract to build trains for Virgin’s CrossCountry line, has awarded Catia Solutions a contract to provide digital mockups of rolling stock for the project. Catia Solutions will support concurrent engineering and product development across four sites working on the project.

Light revisions

HSE has revised its guidance on light curtains following a number of accidents. Technically known as Opto-electronic protection devices, light curtains shut machines down if a curtain of light is broken by an operator too close to a machine. Tel 0178-781 165.