News round-up

* Army deal for Alvis

Alvis has won a £4m contract to supply the British army with its new Supacat Mk III 6×6 vehicle and trailer to meet a requirement for an all-terrain mobile platform. The number of vehicles was not disclosed.

* Bishopton hopes

BAe said it has made progress with a prospective deal with its ammunition subsidiary Royal Ordnance. The deal would secure ammunition sales to the MoD in an agreement that would provide greater security for the Bishopton site, which almost closed this year because of a drop in sales.

* British partner sought

Canadian company SEI Industries, which makes equipment to fight forest fires, including helicopter-borne water buckets, is looking for a British partner to build parts for mobile refuelling equipment under licence. SEI lost an MoD contract because it could not offer enough UK content.

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