On the lack of MPs with industry experience:

`It’s a tragedy of the highest order. Parliament is over-represented by teachers, barristers, solicitors. What it hasn’t got is enough scientists, middle managers from industry and especially manufacturing.’

On industry policy in the 1980s:

`It was the most ideological dogmatic period, a period of destroying the economy+ a tragic mistake for a country like ours. The prime minister and right wing Conservative free marketeers of that time owe an apology to this country for what they did to our economy.’

Labour as a party of business:

`Business leaders quite clearly recognise that Tony Blair and new Labour are different. It’s about modernisation or drift. They’re tired of this Government, they’ve had enough.’

On Tony Blair:

`Tony Blair brings an energetic, dynamic vision for the future.’

On John Major:

`He’s a decent man – the problem is his party. The right wing are determining his whole agenda.’