On the lack of MPs with industry experience:

`It’s vital to have MPs who are independent, not creatures of the party but independent-minded, which means they must have had a career outside politics. In the House of Commons there are very few who have a background in manufacturing or business. That

On the 1980s’ idea that manufacturing industry was no longer important:`Complete crap, stupid nonsense.’

Labour as a party of business:

`It’s a bit like Orwell’s Animal Farm, where the pigs start walking on two legs. It lacks credibility.’

On Tony Blair:

`I don’t think Tony Blair is insincere but there is a huge number of Labour MPs who I don’t believe have changed. They’re going through the motions to get elected. Tony Blair’s position is very vulnerable. I don’t think he can carry the hearts and minds of MPs.’

On John Major:

`I think he’s a very great asset.’