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GEC-Marconi consolidated into six new units

The shakeout of GEC top management has rippled down to core electronics subsidiary, GEC-Marconi.

It has been transformed from a confusing bundle of 48 businesses into six manageable groups: North America; communications; marine; avionics; radar and defence systems; and electro-optics.

The restructuring sees the break-up of GEC-Marconi Radar and Defence Systems (GMRDS) companies and the transfer of GEC-Marine and electro-optics company EEV.

* Paul Brown, head of GMRDS remains in charge, but the company has lost the electro-optics systems division to a new electro-optics group, and the electronic systems division has moved to avionics.

In their place, the specialist control systems businesses which make up S3I, will operate under radar and defence systems.

* Dr Maini, former head of the S3I businesses will become deputy chairman of GEC-Marconi. Avionics will continue to be supervised by Dr Saul Lanyado.

The new electro-optics division will include EEV, and will be run by GEC-Marconi Sensors managing director David Laybourn.

* Brian George, group managing director of GEC Marine, remains.

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* South Korean electronics giant Samsung has appointed Cegill Shin, the former president of the company’s trading division, as London-based president of Samsung Europe, its new local corporate arm.

* Sandvik, Swedish materials and tooling manufacturer, has made Svante Lindholm, president of Sandvik Process Systems. He was president of Sandvik International.

* Professor John Wood, director of M4 Technologies and professor of materials at Nottingham University, will chair the Foresight Panel on materials.

* AEA Technology has appointed Dr Keith Morris as manager of its Separation Process Service.

* Clive Dyson, the engineering manager of semi-custom at GEC Plessey Semiconductors, has joined the new Scottish-based National Microelectronics Institute as chief executive.

* Keith Tipping, managing director of Komatsu UK, has become president of the Federation of Manufacturers of Construction Equipment and Cranes.

* Paul Starkey is technical director at computer graphics firm Tenet Systems. He was technical director of Anite System’s space and defence division.

* Guy Newham is project manager of the Ryde site of Intelek, a Pascall Electronics firm.

* John Houseman is the chief executive of Hammond Heat Treatment in Darlaston.

* Bill Campbell (above), managing director of Lee Steel Strip and Lee Bright Bars, replaces Peter Grainger as managing director of Glynwed International’s Macreadys. Grainger is to run two other Glynwed firms, JB & S Lees and Firth Cleveland Steel Strip

After five months as acting chief executive of Albion Automotive, Jim Hastie (above) is confirmed in the position

* Nick Crowther has been made director/general manager of CADCAM company Denford