Cylinders suck energy

RHC series linear actuators, designed to move heavy loads quickly and smoothly, absorb up to 20 times more energy than conventional air-cushioned cylinders of the same bore size, maker SMC says.

Available in bore sizes 20 to 100mm, the RHC can be operated reliably at speeds up to 3m/sec compared with up to 1.5m/sec for conventional cylinders.

Applications include ejectors on high-speed conveyors, pick and place equipment, machine loading and unloading, operating guards and doors, demoulding robots and handling of castings and forgings.


SimplAir, supplier of corrosion-free extruded aluminium tube for compressed air pipework, is expanding with air treatment and control products.

Filter, regulator and lubricator modules come as separate or combined components.


Series 320 safety couplings made by CEJN in Sweden vent downstream air on disconnection. They have a patented two-stage action that prevents accidental release and are said to be quieter than other couplings.

They provide high flow rates of 1,785 litres/min at 6 bar.


Pneumatic silencer company Porvair has increased noise attenuation on its Vyon range by up to 30 decibels using new manufacturing methods.

The Vyon silencer uses a permeable plastics material made by the powder sintering process.

The one-piece moulded body, welded to a high-density polythene adaptor, screws directly onto the exhaust port of a control valve using metric or BSP threads.


Switches ease the pressure

Amot Control’s new range of pressure switches are modular, small and light, and simple to operate, the company says.

Designed for mounting on manifolds, the A-series switch works on the force balance principle where incoming pressure operates a diaphragm and piston assembly which in turn operates a microswitch.

Pressure ranges are in steps between 0.28 bar and 34.5 bar. Switches are protected to IP65 standard.


Permaprox BIM-IMT magnet-inductive sensors avoid the problem of multiple switching associated with reed switches used to detect piston position on pneumatic cylinders.

The sensors are small and easy to install on most pneumatic cylinders. They are intended for reliable operation over a wide magnetic range, simplifying the selection of actuation magnets.

The actuation zone is 7 to 20mm, depending on the cylinder diameter and strength of the magnet. Housings and mounting accessories are available.