Political power in Scotland and Wales

The political horse-trading to pick cabinet members for the new Scottish Parliament and the National Assembly for Wales is over. The following ministers (Scotland) and assembly secretaries (Wales) are likely to have considerable influence over local indus

Scottish cabinet

* Henry McLeish – Minister for enterprise and lifelong learning. McLeish, 51, was Scottish home affairs minister, and played a key role in setting up the new Parliament. The MSP for Fife central is now responsible for the economy, industry, trade and inward investment. He is also a former professional footballer with East Fife.

* Sarah Boyack – Minister for Transport and the Environment. Boyack, 37, is the Scottish co-ordinator of Labour’s environment campaign and a lecturer in planning. The MSP for Edinburgh Central cut her teeth as transport spokeswoman in the pre-election campaign.

Welsh cabinet

* Rhodri Morgan – Secretary for Economic Development. Morgan, 59, former Welsh Labour Party leadership challenger, will hold the key economic portfolio. His role includes running the £200m Welsh Development Agency and attracting inward investment. He was educated at Oxford and Harvard and worked for the European Commission’s Wales office before joining the House of Commons in 1987.

* Peter Law – Secretary for Environment (incorporating Local Government and Planning). Law, 51, is a self-employed public relations adviser, specialising in local government and public authorities. Until recently he was chairman of Gwent Community NHS Trust.