Power Transmission

Low inertia shockload

Gear motor company Sumitomo guarantees a low inertia 500% shockload capability for its Drive 4000 series gearmotor, over two years. The unit is available as a single-stage speed reducer providing transmissions from 6:1 up to 119:1, and as a double stage option providing from 102:1 up to 7569:1 with higher reduction ratios possible.

The gearmotor is based on Sumitomo’s Cyclo speed reducing unit said to be 95% efficient at providing a high output from a small space and fast reaction to changing loads.

Low noise and wear result from the rolling motion design of the unit’s main parts which operate in compression not shear.

These eccentric gear drives, available from 21Nm up to 700Nm, can perform from 0.12kW up to 55kW on a direct fit, increasing to 144kW via a lantern and clutch arrangement.

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Tsubaki’s cam clutches

Tsubaki’s cam clutches provide one-way torque transmission, locking in one direction of rotation while freewheeling in the opposite direction to permit overrunning and backstopping.

A typical application is a two-speed drive where an electric motor and a geared motor are connected to a single driveshaft through one-way clutches.

The machine can be driven by the motor or geared motor. When the geared motor drives at low speed the clutch engages. When the electric motor drives the machine, the clutch overruns. The clutch automatically switches between low speed and high speed. In backstop applications, the clutches are used to prevent reverse rotation of a driveshaft that would damage machinery and other expensive equipment.

Cam clutches, for press fit housings, are in three configurations and a choice of sizes providing torque capacities up to 3,924Nm.

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