Speed pumps are cool

Microprocessor based glanded pumps are now available to the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, following the release of the IP-E range of pumps by Wilo Samson.

The variable speed pumps improve energy efficiency by automatically adjusting to load requirements. Noise is also reduced by the system which works by communicating with a central management system.

Wilo Samson Pumps

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IFM Electronic has two splitters to simplify wiring in process valves. The T0 is a passive splitter for NAMUR-type applications while the T5 integrated ASI sensor/splitter incorporates proximity sensors to monitor the state of the valve.

Both IP67-rated splitters are directly mounted on to valve actuators and require only a single field connection. Plug-in connections for the T0 and power through the ASI cable for the T5 help reduce valve wiring.

IFM Electronic

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A digital indicator from Honeywell Control Systems is designed to provide a low-cost solution with process variable legibility and alarming. The UDI 1500, which will adapt to 48 types of input and a wide range of power supplies, features a 14mm display and three soft alarms, one of which can be latched.

Honeywell Control

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BiS Valves’ RL50 safety relief valve for liquids and gases operates under conditions of up to 6,000 psi and 80 degrees C when fitted with soft seated valve material, or 15,000 psi and 120 degrees C with hard seated material. It has a minimum working temperature of -20 degrees C. The valves are leak-tight when under 90% of set pressure.

BIS Valves

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