Winner: Chart Marston/BHR Group

Runners-up: ITT Jabsco; Spirax Sarco; Newtech; ABB Automation

Winning entry the Marbond Reactor, designed and developed by Chart Marston, is a novel, compact heat exchanger. It combines all the heat-transfer advantages of standard heat exchangers with the advanced techniques of photochemical etching and diffusion-bonded joining. This combination allows multi-stream, multi-pass configurations with exceptionally high heat transfer capability.

Added to this is flexibility of design and the ability to inject secondary reactants into primary process streams at multiple locations.

BHR worked closely with Chart Marston on the Marbond to enable it to be used as an integrated chemical reactor/heat exchanger (HEX reactor). These combine the mixing of reactants, chemical reaction and heat transfer in one piece of equipment, and are set to provide the chemicals industry with a cleaner, safer and more efficient means of processing fast exothermic reactions.

Tests by BHR have shown that the Marbond gives big improvements in process productivity, selectivity and profitability when compared with traditional batch or continuous reactors with conventional cooling jackets.


Runners-up include ITT Jabsco’s Hy-Line Super Hygienic pump, an easy-maintenance, multi-purpose rotary lobe pump with excellent hygienic properties, ideally suited to applications in the food, beverage and healthcare industries.

Spirax Sarco’s packaged clean-steam generator, an all-in-one system with greatly reduced installation and operating requirements, was also a close runner-up.

Other shortlisted entries were Newtech for its high-speed bacon handling machine, which eliminates labour-intensive manual stacking operations; and ABB Automation’s cereal mixer, which has achieved an 80% reduction in maintenance costs for a leading UK supermarket food producer.