Process instrumentation

Flowmeter traces history of air use

Allison Engineering aims to help factories avoid wasting pricey compressed air with its new flowmeter, which comes fitted with an integral events datalogger.

It is difficult to trace exactly how and where air is being wasted in a large factory installation with many metres of pipework fed by numerous compressor machines, says the company. The new flowmeter, the FCI Model ST95DL, can be set up to monitor air-mass flow in any selected pipework, providing a full history of compressed air usage.

The unit has no moving parts and is based on thermal dispersion technology, which is said to provide highly dependable mass flow readings. Allison will provide a trial unit and installation assistance.


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Anderson Greenwood has introduced compact manifolds, designed to be used with Fisher-Rosemount’s 3051 and 3095 smart transmitters.

The manifolds eliminate the need for a coplanar process mounting valve, it is claimed. Available as two-, three- or five-valve units in standard stainless or special steels, the integral manifolds can be configured to suit pressure applications in the chemical, petrochemical, power and refining industries.


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Toshiba has launched electromagnetic flowmeters for cost-sensitive applications.

The LF400 series features ceramic liners, which are said to make the units suitable for use with abrasive slurries. The high-purity alumina material in the liners provides immunity to spurious electromagnetic signals and tough abrasion resistance.

Configurations and options include a ‘batch total’ detection capability, a choice of electrode material and a choice of whether to fit an LCD.


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ABB Kent-Taylor has extended its Commander range with motorised valve controllers.

The Commander V series provides infinitely variable speed control of an electrically positioned valve, it is claimed. In 1/8 and 1/4 DIN sizes, the controllers can be adjusted for travel times between 10 and 5,000 seconds. Applications include mixers, water and waste operations, and heat treatment processes.


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IFM Electronic has introduced low-cost actuator sensor interface slave modules. The units make it economical to use the system in control panels and not just for field wiring, says the maker.

The range includes types with four digital inputs and outputs as well as analogue input/output versions. Digital I/O modules are said to be particularly suited to controlling and monitoring motor starters and other power-switching devices.


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Amot has launched a smaller version of its light and compact G three-way temperature-control valve.

The new smaller valve is claimed to be half the height of competitors’ models without sacrificing performance.

It provides rapid and accurate regulation of fluid temperatures to 100 degrees C, with a maximum flow-rate of 2,000m3/hr, according to the maker.

Suitable for fluid temperature control in large diesel and gas engines, the valve can be used for both mixing and diverting applications.

A choice of electric, pneumatic or electro-pneumatic control systems is available.


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Transonics is stocking the KA series of high-temperature voltage regulators made by Samsung.


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