US seals fit in for Europe

FTL Seals Technology has introduced an American sealing system to Europe which is suitable for most abrasive powders, pastes and slurries. The Meco seal is claimed to be flexible, versatile and enables quick external adjustment of braided packings.

It is suitable for general purpose applications such as screw conveyors, mixers, blenders, agitators, stirrers, storage vessels and progressive cavity pumps as well as more specialist applications. It is available as a standard cartridge installation, either split or endless, and installation and limited maintenance are easily carried out.


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General purpose seals from Durametallic are suitable for pumping fluid media including hot and cold water, most chemicals, hydraulic fluids and aqueous solutions.

The Type 52 seals are all-purpose products which rotate with the shaft against a stationery mating ring. They are also designed for installations where working length space is limited in accordance with DIN 24960 LIK. A narrow seal cross section reduces the surface running speed and increases lubrication at the seal faces to prolong life.


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A compact DC brushless motorised roller from Thorite Dura-Drive is claimed to require virtually no maintenance and has a life expectancy of between 15,000-20,000 hours. The spring-loaded ends allow easy installation and the low voltage drive and compact features offer safety operation with no line shafts acting as pinch points.

The brushless motor can integrate with full PC control technology to provide variable speed and dynamic braking.


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Sedimentor from Fluid Solutions is claimed to provide an economic alternative to conventional filters, centrifuges and cyclones for the automatic separation of solids and entrained liquid from contaminated process fluids. Solid and liquid waste is separated and containerised for ease of disposal to comply with environmental regulations. The sedimentor can be used in a range of applications in the process industries including the water wash of furnace air prior to atmospheric discharge.


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Simplair has launched a range of manifolds for use as integral parts of new or existing production and process machinery installations. The manifolds offer a simple, low cost solution to compressed air piping problems, particularly where a number of air lines are required to feed different parts of a machine at the same time.

They do this by acting as a central storage point from where several air lines can be run to supply one or more machines or processes with compressed air. They are built to customer specifications and can be delivered in 24 hours.


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