Products Preview

Aero-Motive (UK) Ltd.’s stand will feature the new range of Brad Harrison Profibus splitter boxes which allow multiple wiring for sensors and actuators to be linked together and connected back to the control system via a single bus cable (pictured). Carlo Gavazzi Ltd. will be featuring the Dupline system, which works on a pulse train […]

Aero-Motive (UK) Ltd.’s stand will feature the new range of Brad Harrison Profibus splitter boxes which allow multiple wiring for sensors and actuators to be linked together and connected back to the control system via a single bus cable (pictured).

Carlo Gavazzi Ltd. will be featuring the Dupline system, which works on a pulse train running at 1Khz which along with twisted pair conductors is claimed to offer high noise immunity. Applications include alarm monitoring, monitoring/control of remote treatment works, building monitoring and control and machine control and monitoring.

Harting Ltd. are featuring their PowerSwitch, a new motor starter system with a Fieldbus interface. The unit is claimed to simplify the control of 3-phase powered drives via the AS-i fieldbus system. The system can also be used with other fieldbus protocols including Profibus, Interbus and CAN.

Hayes Control Systems are able to demonstrate a complete fieldbus control system using Beckhoff IEC1131 soft logic on an industrial PC. TwinCAT real-time SoftPLC runs under WindowsNT and communicates to the remote I/O via an I/O server to a PC interface card. PC cards are available for Profibus, Interbus S, SERCOS, CANOpen and Lightbus. Bus couplers are able to connect terminals to all the aforementioned protocols plus DeviceNet, RS232 and RS485; SDS and LON will be available in the future.

HM Computing will be exhibiting a master fieldbus controller capable of supporting DeviceNet, Interbus, CANopen, Profibus etc. all from the same card. They will also be showing an example of a custom extended temperature I/O board and software.

IFM Electronic will be showing products from their range of dedicated AS-i products including programmable controllers, master and slave modules, gateways and sensors including proximity and photoelectric sensors, pressure and temperature sensors.

Keystone will be demonstrating the ability of its valve, actuator and controls packages to communicate with protocols such as Profibus, LonWorks and DeviceNet. Keystone will also be launching its electro-pneumatic programmable positioner with HART protocol for use in conjunction with 4-20mA input.

Lutze Ltd. will be demonstrating I/O stations, cables, connectors and lead assemblies compatible with protocols such as ProfibusDP, Interbus, Devicenet/CAN Open. The Lutz IPC, a din rail mounted industrial PC, will be shown for the first time in the UK.

PBE Systems Ltd. will be showing their CTC MachineLogic control software for the first time at OSPMA Fieldcomms. Up to 16k I/O is offered and the system will support Profibus and DeviceNet or PC I/O in ISA and PC/104 formats for lower cost applications.

Phoenix Contact have a new range of Interbus drive shuttles specifically designed for the food and drink industry. The new motor control modules are claimed by Phoenix to provide easy connection technology, interchangeable electronics and extensive functionality.

Pilz Automation Technology will feature SafetyBUS p on their stand. SafetyBUS p is the first safe and open bus system to be approved by BG to Category 4 in accordance with EN 954-1 and allows the decentralised networking of sensors and actuators as well as the safe connection of safety systems (e.g. light barriers, emergency stop or safety gate circuits etc.) made by various manufacturers.

Quarndon Electronics will be demonstrating their new Q-CAN microcontroller CAN module for use in development and OEM applications and Xycom Automation’s OpenHMI operator workstations and industrial PCs. Boards and modules from companies such as CETIA, Xycom, Nyquist, HM Computing, Datapath and Brain Boxes will also be on show.

Richard Hirschmann Electronics will be demonstrating their belief in Ethernet as the future dominant technology for industrial networks with switching, full duplex transmission, prioritisation of real time data and bandwidths from 10Mbit/s up to 100 or even 1000 Mbit/s. Hirschmann’s Ethernet Rail Hub, designed for industrial automation and control will be featured.

Siemens will be showing communications products for Profibus, AS-Interface and Ethernet. New products include extensions to the existing range of digital, analogue and pneumatic I/O components including K45 compact modules for AS-Interface, new Harax high speed connections on the new K60 modules for digital and analogue signals. Siemens will also be showing pressure, temperature, flow and level instrumentation and a valve positioner on ProfibusPA and demonstrating solutions for installing and testing cables according to Profibus User Organisation guidelines.

Smartscan are exhibiting SAFENET, an integrated safety control system incorporating a two wire communication highway for the transfer of power, safety and diagnostic data between field devices and a central command module.

System Devices Ltd. will be showing what is claimed to be the world’s first industrial I/O system with a built-in web server. The SNAP-B3000-ENET brain allows any web browser to connect directly to analogue and digital I/O channels in real time; the World Wide Web effectively becomes the communication transport mechanism with no need for radio links or leased lines. Any Modbus enabled third party software can interface directly with it. The brain can also be accessed using ActiveX controls, which makes it easy to program an Ethernet brain from any Windows environment that supports controls such as Visual Basic, VB script, Visual C++ or Delphi.

Variohm Components have added the Fraba range of absolute encoders to their range. Their stand will feature encoders available with outputs in Gray Code, SSI, CAN-bus or Profibus.

Wago Ltd. will be showing a selection from their 13,000 products including rail mounted terminal blocks, interface devices and electronic modules.

WPI Husky Technology Ltd. has recently launched the fex21 palmtop computer as a front line interface between operator and plant. The unit uses Windows CE and is claimed to offer real time control of PLCs in its embedded form along with control, diagnostic and maintenance functions traditionally provided by the terminal.