Fume-free advance for decorators

All sorts of tin containers can be decorated and printed in a fume-free environment on specialist equipment developed by Crabtee in Gateshead.

Its Fastready metal decorating coater machines are fitted with enclosed close capture fume-extraction equipment operated by Parker Hannifin hydraulic power packs and hydraulic tie-rod cylinders.

The close capture system is said to result in big fuel savings on pollution control equipment by keeping exhaust air to a minimum.


High-pressure gas handling specialist Haskel has introduced a hydraulically driven range of gas boosters for applications where compressed air is not available.

There are 18 units in the range, capable of generating gas flow rates up to 160scf/m and discharge pressures of 20,000psi. They are available as single-stage, double-acting or two-stage units.


Redditch-based Thermex now provides a full standard range of shell-and-tube oil coolers for hydraulic systems with maximum oil pressures from 20 to 45 bar. These 2000 Series coolers, available from stock, are designed to remove heat from hydraulic equipment in a variety of applications such as off-highway vehicles and mining machinery. They operate at oil pressures from 20 to 45 bar.