Multi-stage pumps up the range

Boiler feed and condensate return are medium-pressure applications for Ingersoll-Dresser’s new EDX range of horizontal ring-section multi-stage pumps.

But higher pressure industrial and OEM applications are also on the cards. These include high-head/low-flow duties in pressure boosting, cleaning and car wash systems, snow making and steam delivery.

WDX pumps are available in a variety of casing and impeller materials, further extending the applications to corrosive liquids.

At 50Hz, the range has a maximum flow rate of 160m3/hr. Maximum suction pressure is 25 bar, discharge pressure up to 64 bar and operating temperature up to 210 C.


Low flows at high pressure are catered for by the new single-stage, side-channel pump from Michael Smith Engineers, suitable for use in hazardous, toxic and environmentally harmful media.

The company says the PMK is magnetically coupled so the absence of seals eliminates leakage associated with seal failure. The design ensures that there are no heat losses into the pumped fluid.

All wetted parts are made from materials which are inert to aggressive chemicals including inorganic substances.

The PMK covers flow rates up to 3m3/hr at differential heads up to 60m.


Hydraulic pump maker Denison has added a fourth displacement pump to its Premier Series line-up, which targets mobile, marine and in-plant equipment.

The PO7 has a displacement of 109cc/rev, a continuous operating pressure rating of 415 bar, and maximum intermittent pressure rating of 500 bar. Its maximum horsepower is 274kW at the top speed of 2,450rpm.

The series has fewer parts than other pumps and is said to be more reliable, giving better performance in a smaller size.


Dosing pump maker Watson Marlow has brought out a new pump which is 36% faster than an earlier version but is the same size.

The new 504U has a flow rate of 3 litres/min. For a given flowrate, tubes can be sized smaller, reducing the quantity and so the cost of fluid held in the process.

On the earlier 505U pump, which Watson Marlow has upgraded, a ‘learn and repeat’ drive feature allows accurate, repeatable dosing, which is achieved by counting motor tachometer pulses.

Set-up can be at the pump or undertaken remotely, using a foot-switch or process control signal.