Q & A

Jon R. Stevenson, executive vice president and general manager of the MCAD business unit of Parametric Technology Corporation

At school, what career were you intent on?

From an early age I wanted to be a mathematician. I was particularly interested in number theory and geometry.

What are PTC’s main areas of business?

Our lines of business include MCAD (design and manufacturing automation), collaborative product commerce and support for on-line trading exchanges.

What do you find challenging about your job?

I enjoy working with people to achieve our corporate business objectives while delivering customer satisfaction and challenging our own people. People are our most valuable asset.

What are the biggest changes that you have noticed during your career?

The most obvious changes have been new manufacturing processes and the automation of design and manufacturing. I believe we are now entering a period of accelerated innovation in the manufacturing industry. Does manufacturing receive the recognition that it deserves?

No. We are now living with a truly global economy and in an era of unprecedented prosperity and economic growth. There have been terrific improvements over the last 20 years in product performance, cost and safety, improvements due to the efforts of design and manufacturing engineers.

How would you describe the current climate for manufacturing business in the UK?

As a software and service provider my company works very closely with some prestigious UK manufacturing companies in the automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding industries. We find the engineering processes and dedication to excellence to be second to none.

Will there be a substantial manufacturing industry in the UK in 20 years time?

I expect that there will be. Having lived and worked in the UK, I can say that the workforce is second to none. There are many well trained professionals working in the manufacturing industry. This, combined with the presence of the existing aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding companies should ensure a healthy manufacturing industry well into the future.

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