Mumshad Ali, 28, manufacturing engineer at Control Techniques Dynamics

When you were at school what career were you intent on?


Where did you finish your education and with what qualifications?

UMIST PG Diploma 2:1; BEng (Hons) 2:2.

What was your first job?

Manufacturing engineer working on assembly line design.

What are your company’s main areas of business?

Servo motors, and other electric motors.

What do you find challenging about your position?

Making change in processes and systems to improve efficiency and productivity.

What are the biggest changes that you have noticed during your career in manufacturing?

Awareness within the industry that manufacturing engineering is a profession, like other engineering professions, and has a role to play in industry.

Do you think that manufacturing receives the recognition that it deserves from government and the general public?


Would you encourage your children to follow a career in engineering?

Yes. But not in the UK.

How would you describe the current climate for manufacturing business in the UK?

Businesses have to be very lean to compete in the international market.

The government should do more – not necesssarily in terms of controlling the exchange rate and strong pound – but by investing in manufacturing industry to develop a highly skilled workforce and making the manufacturing profession more attractive for the next generation of workers.

It should also make people more aware of enigineering’s role as a highly value-added and revenue earning profession for the UK economy, and a job creator.

How do you relax when you are away from work?

Reading, riding, walking.

What will have the biggest impact on manufacturing over the next 10 years?

A highly skilled workforce trained in designing and manufacturing high-quality, high value-added products at low cost, with shorter lead times.

Will there be a substantial manufacturing industry in the UK in 20 years time?

With the current trend of services contribution and manufacturing contribution to the national economy, services outweighmanufacturing by far.

Unless the government regards manufacturing as a major potential revenue earner for the future UK economy, probably not.

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