Require a robot, want a widget? (Part 1 of 7)

2KM (UK) Stand 8611

SKM is to launch the Process Gear Mix (PGM) range of gear metering systems to process low to medium viscosity, reactive polymeric materials used in rapid prototyping, offshore pipe insulation and other intensive operating environments. The PGM 101 entry-level machine features electronically variable ratio and quick-change material hoppers.

3D Films Stand R9614

3D Films offer animation and 3D modelling for visualising products and processes in an entertaining way.

Advent Power Products Stand 9342

Advent Power Products supplies a wide range of AC and DC motors, including products manufactured by German company EMOD & Winkellman, Lafert & Amer of Italy and Atav & Radio Energy of France.

Air Control Industries Stand 9442

Air Control Industries designs and manufactures a range of air movement systems including fan blowers and the Airknife system for removal of surface moisture, coatings and dust contamination. The new EP10 compact blower range and a blower driven nozzle will be launched.

Alcatel Dunkermotoren Stand 9234

Alcatel, which now has a UK office, is to introduce new brushless DC motor products, as well as showing a range of brushed DC motors in a modular package, gearboxes, encoders and brakes.

Amir Power Transmission Stand 8210

APT is to introduce the W series Boniglioli worm gearbox, new linear actuators, transformers and DC power supplies and a range of low-voltage battery operated DC motors. APT supplies electric motors, geared motors and power transmission equipment, including AC and DC variable speed drives, couplings and torque limiters.

ASM Stand 8830

ASM will display new position sensors that can be programmed for offset, range and current or voltage output. New options include RS232 output and a range of position sensors designed specifically for OEMs. ASM will also show a new range of Hioki memory recorders, power/harmonics analysers, and new Optex infra-red temperature thermometers.

Belting Industries Stand 9115

US manufacturer Belting Industries, which is represented in the UK by Belttex, is to launch a Kevlar-reinforced woven endless belt for extra high strength duties and minimal stretch, and a polyurethane foam woven endless polyester belt which provides a non-marking surface with customised friction and hardness characteristics.

Bosch Automation Stand 9128

Bosch Automation will show the new TS2 Plus range of modular transfer systems, suitable for a wide range of conveying applications. The modular design allows work-pieces up to 70kg to be transported with carriers available in 21 different sizes from 160x160mm to 800x1040mm. This gives the user the option to combine different loads within a single conveyor system, as the components are interchangeable. Other new products on display include a new clean room programmme, linear slides, MET brackets, and a VPI motor controller.

Bostik Stand 8116

Industrial adhesive supplier Bostik introduces a new Bond-Flex silicone sealant, Bond-Flex 120 HMA general purpose silicone sealant and Bond-Flex 140 HMA food grade silicone sealant with fungicide. Other products include the Araldite range of epoxy adhesives.

Bowman International Stand 9212

Bowman International offers a wide range of sintered iron and bronze, wrapped, plastic and carbon bearings, and will launch the TWP range of acetal co-polymer thrust washers.

British Trade International Stand R9636

British Trade International is the new joint Department of Trade and Industry, Foreign and Commonwealth Office operation to help develop and promote international trade. British Trade International will display a range of services and is sponsoring the DES Internet Cafe, where visitors can access the latest information to help win business overseas at:

Chemence Stand 8412

Adhesive manufacturer Chemence produces cyanoacrylates (superglue), anaerobics, epoxies, UV-curing adhesives and structural acrylics, under the Rite-Lok brand. The Chemence UV-adhesive range is being re-branded and re-packaged.

Ciba Speciality Chemicals Stand 8616

Ciba Speciality Chemicals produces the Araldite range of industrial adhesives and tooling materials for rapid prototyping and modelling. A new transparent and high-temperature resistant `Parts in Minutes’ rapid prototyping product will be introduced, as well as new DDM-free tooling boards. Though these materials can be coloured with inks or polyurethane-based pastes, they still retain transparency, for aesthetic quality as well as dimensional accuracy. The new high-temperature black system, with temperature resistance up to 180oC, can be used on prototype parts such as automotive covers and household appliances which can be tested at full operating temperature.

CompAir Stand 7420

As part of its drive for energy efficiency, CompAir will offer a free compressed air system audit utilising the SmartAir ACE analyser. CompAir will display the Cyclon 345 SR variable speed air compressor; the SmartAir 5 intelligent management systems range for up to 12 rotary-screw or single-pressure switch control air compressor systems; the Hydrovane Synergy 75 variable output rotary vane compressor; the Hydrovane 07 Airlogic and Hydri 01 compressor. Compair will also show a self-feed unit.