Require a robot, want a widget? (Part 3 of 7)

Guyson International Stand 9429

Guyson will show a new range of Kaptech industrial and process, flexible hose assemblies.

Hepco Slide Systems Stand 9540/8511

Hepco introduces the new GV3 high-precision linear slide systems, and will also display established products including the Driven Track System (DTS). GV3 combines the best features of Generation II and commercial CM slide systems. DTS offers a choice of drive components in oval or rectangular circuits, which can be supplied as a completely assembled unit for incorporation into a machine or framework. A trip-latch feature protects machine components and drive systems. Hepco also offers the new Pacific Dolphin guide self-lubricating bearings, a two-piece linear system that requires no assembly and is available with a range of drive options.

HPC Drives, Rino Industries Stand R9531

HPC Drives will team up with sister company Rino Industries to show their complementary range of mechanical-drive components and accessories. New products include a range of aluminium and titanium fasteners, high-precision locking nuts, linear guides and actuated linear-motion systems. A new 576-page catalogue will be available.

HPC Engineering Stand 8130

HPC Compressed Air Systems introduces new direct-coupled compressors, control systems, communications and remote diagnostics. The new, `remarkably quiet’ HPC Plusair DSD direct coupled compressor, with built-in variable frequency drive, will be demonstrated on the stand. The new HPC Plusair AS47 screw compressor will also be on show, which promises more economical and greater output than its predecessor, the Plusair AS44. There will also be a new Plusair SM receiver-mounted screw compressor with built-in Sigma control, providing communications and remote diagnostics. HPC will demonstrate direct communications with a customer’s control unit in Scotland, receiving and analysing data from the compressor in real time.

John Guest Stand 8000

John Guest manufactures push-in fittings for a wide range of industrial applications. A new air ring main system offers a simple push-in action which replaces outmoded, labour-intensive and time consuming methods.

KerbKonus Stand 9216

KerbKonus manufactures special fasteners for metal, plastic and wood. It offers a range of pre-applied masking, locking and sealing systems. New products include a Nytemp locking patch which is fused directly onto the threads of nuts, screw and bolts, and is re-useable. Nyseal is a new pre-applied sealant for short fusing directly onto the surface of metal components, providing a re-useable seal that eliminates the need for hand applied products. On self-lapping and thread-forming screws, the coating will provide an additional vibration resistant locking feature.

LCL Dispenstech Stand 9440

LCL Dispenstech division of Liquid Control is the UK distributor of the Sony CastPro bench-top Cartesian robot. LCL Dispenstech specialises in machines that dispense precision quantities of liquids such as adhesives, resins, lubricants and pastes, and identified the need for automatic and semi-automatic equipment for laying smooth beads or dots of adhesives and other materials. The new Sony CastrPro is claimed to be a cost-effective bench-top robot for smaller firms, with a footprint of 610 x 660mm, and average XYZ repeatability of 0.2mm.

Linear Drives Stand 9030

Linear Drives manufactures PowerTube linear servo-motor in the UK. It will be launching the Linear motor module, which features a high- performance bellow and an ultra-smooth linear motor for high-precision applications.

Lohmann Adhesive Stand 9013 Tape Systems

Lohman produces high-performance, double-sided adhesive tapes and die-cut manufacturing aids. The Unilok general-purpose tape will be launched, for high-bonding up to 200 degrees C.

Maxon Motor Stand 9548

Maxon Motor AG produces brushless motors, gearheads, encoders and electronic controllers, and will introduce a new UK subsidiary at Manufacturing Week.

Launches include brushless 22mm diameter motors; 32mm, 42.8mm diameter and flat brushless motors; and the 4Q DC servo and ADS50/10 range.

Micro Metalsmiths Stand 9501

Micro Metalsmiths casts fine and complex detailed components from low-cost, long-life tooling. The MM casting process is ISO9001 approved and suitable for production of alloy components which have walls as thin as 0.2mm and require superior finishes, with 0.9 micrometers `as cast’ finish. A new comprehensive guide will be launched covering all aspects of Micro Metalsmiths’ casting process.

MKIS Stand 8632

MKIS will introduce new software from US company DVT for production line inspection. The DVT SmartImage technology offers compact, self-contained inspection systems which include the sensor head, light, processing unit, cabling and software. This flexible system can handle accurate inspection on production lines through image acquisition, evaluation by comparing product features to set parameters, and reporting to external devices. MKIS will also be showing the new Taptone 500 container inspection system, which was recently installed for checking seal integrity on canned plants in a European plant.