Require a robot, want a widget? (Part 4 of 7)

National Physical Laboratory Stand 9647

NPL is a pioneer of materials measurement, and will present a new high temperature autoclave and thermal cycling facility. The autoclave will enable testing of materials at controlled pressures, and exposed to high humidity conditions (50bar and 650oC). The system is designed to meet the needs of the steam turbine and petrochemical industries. The new thermal cycling facility at NPL can be used to expose materials to a range of pre-programmed temperatures, and is likely to be used by aerospace and power generation companies.

NSK-RHP Stand 9337

NSK-RHP is a big supplier of bearings and linear motion products and will be launching the WFA series of maintenance-free ball screws and mono-carrier. It will also show `moulded oil’ in the form of K1 lubrications unit technology, which is a substitute for conventional methods of lubrication and sealing.

OEM-Automatic Stand 9250

OEM-Automatic offers control and automation products including SIE capacitive sensors down to 2mm diameter, Releco interface relays, Chronos 2 multi-voltage, multi-time range of DIN rail timers from Crouzet, Suco programmable pressure switches with 3 digit LED displays, and STM miniature photo-sensors which have Kevlar coated cable for strength.

Oriental Motors Stand 9444

Oriental Motors is launching a new generation of UPK-W series high-torque 5-phase stepping motors and drive units. The compact drives include a high-holding torque, non-excited electromagnetic brake motor, which prevents overheating and maintains position even during

power failures. TH geared types have five low-reduction gear ratios for gradual speed reduction applications; the PL geared type offers six reduction gear ratios. The Harmonic geared type has high-gear ratios of 1:50 and 1:100, best suited for production machinery and positioning systems. The new AlphaStep stepping motor will also be introduced, which features a rotor position detection sensor.

Osborn International Stand 9320

Osborn International will show the Load Runners range of bearing-based rollers for smooth and precise transportation of goods. Load Runners work on a system of tapered rollers as well as ball bearings, and are available in standard sizes up to 10in, capable of handling radial loads from 188 600lb dynamic to 355 000lb static. Load Runners are available in flange, `v’ or plain-grooved styles, dependent on customer specifications.

Primasil Stand 9011

Primasil is to launch new silicone and fluoro-silicone compounds designed for faster, more economic processing in large size or high-volume silicone rubber mouldings; plus extrusions for industrial, medical, automotive and aerospace applications.

Qualitech Components Stand 8517

Qualitech specialises in the rapid production of thin gauge, flat and formed metal components with a variety of finishes. A new centrifugal polishing service will be shown, which gives a superior surface finish to the face of the components and high-edge quality. The process allows thin, lightweight components to be given a high-grade finish by increasing the mass and allowing them to be worked more efficiently by the abrasive and polishing mediums.

RA Rodriguez Stand 9221

RA Rodriguez offers power transmission and linear motion systems and is introducing several new ranges including the KG range of metric gears, anti-backlash gears, small bevel and spiral gearboxes. Newcomers include the Schatz range of aircraft quality control bearings, manufactured to Boeing and MS standards, and Kaydon’s BA and BB range of metric ball bearings. These are designed to be direct replacements for cross roller bearings in applications that require a combination of radial, thrust and moment load capacity. The system offers pallet changeover in six seconds and is suitable for pallets up to 30kg. Stacks are positioned by an automatic transfer shuttle. Options include a handling system for filling and emptying pallets, and flat conveyors for loading and unloading pallet stacks. The latest addition to the Werner range includes a programmable palletising system, via PC using Windows-based software.

RDP Stand 8731

Sensor manufacturer RDP Electronics will be launching a new range of tough MCL miniature capacitive load cells, the MLP pressure transducer range and DC/DC gauging transducers. The MCL load cells comes in two compact models, with the smaller measuring 31 x 44.5mm. Conditioning electronics are internal and fully protected inside a rugged aluminium and steel IP65 sealed housing, with a side operating temperature range from -25 degrees C to +75 degrees C. The company’s new MCL wet/dry differential pressure transducers weigh 30gm and remain accurate to +0.5 full scale.

RF Bright Enterprises Stand 9550

Thermosetting resin specialist RF Bright Enterprises manufactures Chemset formulated epoxy compounds for potting, encapsulation, casting, banding and cold enamelling. It also supplies single and multi-component metering, mixing and dispensing equipment. RF Bright will be launching a new, meter/mix dispensing machine for two-component thermosetting resin systems.

Rietschle Stand 9116

Rietschle offers a range of variable-speed, side-channel (VSSC) units for pressure and vacuum applications. The oil-free vacuum pumps and compressors have no wearing blades, require minimum servicing and include models with integral, variable-speed controllers. VSSC designs include the Covac multistage vacuum pump range, and Bora double flow vacuum pumps and compressors. Dry-running, contactless operation offers uncontaminated air or vacuum supply, which is essential for clean environments such as food and chemical processing, electronics assembly and some packaging facilities. The Druvac pressure-vacuum pumps are designed for installation in restricted spaces, encased in a shock resistant polypropylene silencing cover. At the smaller end of the range, Pico dry-running rotary pumps are designed for sensitive OEM applications, such as paper handling, electronics, offices and laboratories, where operating noise levels are typically 59 dBA.