Require a robot, want a widget? (Part 5 of 7)

Sarnatech Stand 9438

Sarnatech BNL creates bespoke, fully integrated thermoplastic roller bearing assemblies. The design flexibility of injection moulding is used to combine the races of a rolling element bearing with features such as precision gears, fixing clips and mounting flanges. The outer profile of the bearing is crowned with a flange on one side to position the belt. For increased load capacity, the bearing has two rows of balls. Customers include Kodak, Xerox, Ricoh and Pitney Bowes. Sarnatech will ALSO show a bearing system developed for Ricoh’s new Stinger digital copier, featuring an integrated scanner pulley. The new Sarnatech BNL web-site will be launched at Manufacturing Week.

Seco Aluminium Stand 8302

Seco Aluminium produces ISO 9002 accredited, extrusions of aluminium sections, and full fabrication, painting, anodizing and other finishing services. Seco will present examples from the new small press facility with a section weight to 0.05kg/m and various small extrusions.

Simplatroll Stand 9140

Simplatroll, which is now a member of the Lenze group, will show new mechanical and electronic drive products. These will include the cool-running Lenze GKR geared motors, which feature a helical bevel design suiting motors from 0.12 to 0.75kW. These motors are claimed to offer up to one third energy savings compared to worm gearboxes. A new range of Lenze Servo-PLC drives for motors from 0.25 to 75kW, allows the designer to decentralise the PLC processing, leading to cost reductions and faster performance. The Lenze Servo-PLCs use IEC1131-3 programming language, which is set to become the new drive standard. New worm-geared motors from Spaggiari will also be introduced, which offer gains in torque of up to 30% over a power range from 90W to 3kW.

Smallpeice Enterprises Stand 9542

Smallpeice Enterprises is a specialist training centre for industry offering courses in design engineering, quality, project management, CAD, management skills for engineers and strategic product development techniques. Smallpeice is launching a new range of `lean manufacturing courses’ to help companies eliminate waste and achieve flexible production systems. Training discount vouchers will be given away on the stand.

Stop-Choc Stand R9541

Stop-Choc designs and manufactures anti-vibration mounting systems suitable for all industrial applications, avionic racking and illuminated control panels. The elastomeric mountings are made in fluoro-silicone, butyl, nitrile, EPDM and natural rubber. Metal mountings utilise stainless steel wire mesh resilient cushion technology, which is unaffected by temperature and contamination, has high load carrying capacity and good damping qualities. The new SLF mount offers a low-frequency mounting for lightweight equipment, without adding mass. Also demonstrated on the Stop-Choc stand will be the effect of vibration isolation.

Tecmaco International Stand 9022

Tecmaco will be showing the full range of US-made Spyraflo bearing products, including the new self-clinch and flange-mounted needle bearings, which are claimed to offer higher speeds and ease of installation. Tecmaco will also display a range of maintenance-free bearings, lubricated for life, for use in temperatures from -60 degrees C to +350 degrees C.

THK Group Stand 9126

Linear motion technology specialist THK will launch a new actuator motor controller package. Developed with UK distributor BSL Engineering, the new actuator package combines the core elements of a standard actuator, controller and motor in an off-the-shelf, single-source kit. THK will also show the latest SSR, SNR and SHS range of linear motor guides, which feature THK’s Caged Ball technology to create a high-speed, low-noise, virtually maintenance-free linear motion system. Also on display at THK’s stand will be the KR actuator; the Elk simple nut precision ground ball screw, which combines a compact, low profile with improved rotation performance; and the RA, RB, RE and RA-C cross roller rings for industrial robotics and machining operations. THK will demonstrate the latest ball joint and rod end/linkage technology, targeted at the automotive industry.

Tinsley Wire Stand 8618

The Weldmesh Division of Tinsley Wire will launch a new version of weld mesh at Manufacturing Week. Weldmesh flat is used to form a square mesh by overlaying cross wires at right angles to fine lines and welding at every intersection. Due to this and the three configurations of wire orientation possible, the resulting mesh offers high strength, combined with light weight and flexibility. Potential uses for Weldmesh include walkways, flooring, pallets and stillages, cable trays, racking, fencing and reinforcement of construction materials.

Tom Parker Stand 8331

Tom Parker offers quick connect couplings for pneumatic, hydraulic, water and gas applications, and will launch a new generation of hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

Tufnol Stand 8615

Laminated plastics producer Tufnol supplies composite materials and engineering plastic components for a wide range of uses from electronics to marine applications and aerospace. The company also makes pultruded composites in profile and filament wound tubes. Tufnol will be showing the new Grade CBM 2008, high-performance composite bearing material for wearing and bearing applications; and rubber-lined bearings from Countrose Bearings, a manufacturer of water-lubricated bearings.

Victrex Stand 9749

Victrex manufactures aromatic polyketone thermoplastics under the brand name Victrex Peek polymer. Peek-Optima is the latest medical grade biomaterial for use in medical implants, designed to replace metal implants.

Wixroyd International Stand 9301

Wixroyd will be introducing a new Zero Point System for quick fixture change. The Zero Point System enables simultaneous clamping and referencing of fixtures, vices and chucks in seconds, with high holding forces and micron accuracy. Time to set and re-set fixtures and workpieces is reduced from 20 to two minutes, offering significant reduction in downtime.