Require a robot, want a widget? (Part 6 of 7)


Ambi-Rad Stand 7410

Ambi-Rad will be showing the AR series, No-Ray-Vac and Optima heating systems.

BBC Videos Stand 8339

BBC Videos for Education and Training will be exhibiting a service aimed at giving engineers and designers a chance to use cutting-edge TV programmes under license for training. Titles include Disaster, three documentaries which analyse the design and production mistakes which led to various tragedies from the Piper Alpha oil platform to the Marchioness. Engineering Craft Studies gives detailed analysis of each aspect of the engineering process in 20 20-minute episodes; and Technical Studies takes the audience through practical applications of engineering design.

Bott Stand 7220

Bott will launch a new range of storage equipment.

Branson Electronics Stand 7510

Branson Electronics, part of Emerson Electronics, manufactures ultrasonic cleaning units and will demonstrate a new multi-stage modular cleaning unit with robotic control.

Cognex Stand 7728

Cognex offers a high-performance, host-based vision inspection system with a new MVS-8100C, PCI frame grabber for acquiring and displaying images in colour. The MVS-8100C provides real-time image transfer to the host PC for analysis, with a full RGB colour display to enable operators to monitor inspection operations involving coloured parts. For coloured product applications, images can be acquired using a single RGB camera or two multiplexed RGB cameras. For monochrome applications, the board can support up to four multiplexed RS-170 cameras. The MVS-8100C is equipped with Cognex’s extensive library of MMX-accelerated, vision software tools.

Crofton House Associates Stand 7518

Crofton House Associates distributes steam vapour systems manufactured by Italian company REA, and the Swiss Gregomatic surface cleaning system. A new range of Saturno steam vapour systems, powerful boilers and drier steam systems will also be on show.

GWS Systems Stand 7313

GWS Systems manufactures ergonomic, modular industrial furniture including workstations, trolleys and manual transfer systems. A new computer workstation will be launched combining cable management with ergonomic design.

Hawco Stand 7001

Hawco distributes a wide range of temperature pressure measurement and control instruments and will introduce a new drum heating system. Sister company Thermospeed presents its online e-commerce catalogue.

JD Neuhaus Stand 7210

Air hoist manufacturer JD Neuhaus is to launch an `economy line’ Mini hoist at Manufacturing Week. The Mini chain hoists arelight and compact and weigh between 9.5 and 23kg depending on the capacity. The Mini is available with carrying capacities of 125kg, 500kg and 1,000kg, with a single chain handling up to lifting height of 8m. The Mini is equipped with a direct lever control facilitating a sensitive variable-speed and precise load positioning. JDN also supplies the Profi series for heavy industrial applications.

Laser Lines Stands 8537

Laser Lines will show a new range of laser markers, including CO2 systems from Synrad and YAG laser marking kits from Baublys.

Lyon Metal Products Stand 7630

Lyons Metal Products offers workspace products to maximise efficiency and utilisation of storage needs. The company is ISO9001 registered.