Require a robot, want a widget? (Part 7 of 7)


Mannesmann Dematic Stand 7310

Mannesmann Dematic is to launch a new range of load manipulators and telescopic lifting devices for precision handling of loads up to 250kg and one tonne respectively. HBK Ergo manipulators and lifting devices are built to meet individual requirements. The HBK manipulators are pneumatically powered and feature a free-moving arm that allows suspended loads to be moved, turned, pivoted and tilted easily. They incorporate intelligent weight detection so zero-gravity load balancing is achieved automatically, offering the operator finger-tip control. A wide range of load lifting attachments can be used including: vacuum and magnetic systems, grippers with fine pressure control and purpose-built designs.

Mikron Assembly Technology Stand 8541

Mikron Assembly Technology presents a new Swiss-built modular robot assembly system for automatic feeding, assembly and inspection and other tasks in the automotive, medical devices, electrical and household goods industries. Equipped with the new Bosch SR robot, the robot cells are claimed to be economic where two or four axes systems are required to position and assemble products and sub-assemblies. The cell de-palletises, assembles and palletises. The use of permanently lubricated elements also conforms to production requirements for class 10,000 clean rooms. Mikron will also show the Flexifactor high-speed assembly system.

MTE Turck Stand 7511

MTE Turck supplies non-contact sensing and sensor interface devices, and is to launch the U-Gage T-30 ultrasonic sensor from Banner. It is available in two sensing ranges: 200mm to 1.0mm and 300mm to 2.0m. All models offer a discrete output with a choice of NPN or PNP and a linear 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V DC sourcing analogue output.

Sensopart Stand 8440

Sensopart is to introduce the new miniature F20 teach-in sensor with both 0-10V analogue and switching outputs in the same unit. The unit uses a PSD device to detect the position of the target, then the on-board processor produces the analogue signal and the digital switch point output. All Sensopart F20 sensors feature teach-in setting, through the push button on the top of the sensor. The unit also has the ability to be taught a switching window between certain voltages. Sensopart offers fibre optic sensors and fibre optic probes, laser sensors, laser measurement probes, optical sensors, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors and line cameras.

Simac Masic & TSS Stand 8836

Simac Masic & TSS will show new automated assembly systems, laser marking and profiling systems and the VisionSpy 100 machine vision system.

Timotex Stand 7530

Timotex supplies on-board weighing systems to fit all sizes of trucks, piece-part counting or check weighing for the factory or warehouse. It will launch the Supaweigh Fork Scale, which has two weighing forks and a choice of displays. These can be easily fitted to virtually all forklift trucks with check-weighing. The new Timotex hand pallet truck will also be on show.

Videojet Stand 7730

Videojet promises to deliver clean, crisp inkjet codes in the production environment, due to special design features including positive air in the print-heads, which eliminates airborne particles, ensuring reliability, higher productivity and lower operating costs. This can be complemented by autoflush, which automatically cleans and flushes the nozzle and return line, and is recommended for applications using fast drying inks or frequent start/stop operations. Videojet’s introduces the new cost-effective Triumph inkjet printer for code customising in one, two or three-line formats, which features an autoflush option; and the rugged Excel 178i inkjet printer.

Wenglor Sensoric Stand 7730/8532

Wenglor Sensoric will be showing its latest range of photo-electric sensors for monitoring, paint and glue applictaions. Also on show will be a transit-time laser sensor.