Sensors and instruments

Test of life for mobile phone cells

For the first time, battery life validation is included in Racal Instrument’s 6103 digital radio test set for mobile phones. The unit tests most parameters across all the networks. Battery validation makes it possible to produce a more accurate comparison of phone models than is currently possible. Poor battery life is a prime cause of user dissatisfaction.


Solid state electronics is being used to improve the accuracy of Flowjet in-line gas flowmeters which have no moving parts.

UK distributor Labcell has three models handling flow ranges from 3-120 litres/min and 8-250 litres/min. Accuracy is +/-1% repeatable to +/-0.5%. In-line flowmeters can monitor blow-by in engines or in compressed air systems where moisture is present.

All flowmeters have direct electronic output scaled 0-5VDC or 4-20mA.


A portable analyser providing quick and accurate analysis of natural and waste water is the latest addition to the Azur range of environmental monitoring systems.

The Pastel UV system tests for six parameters in less than one minute. It weighs just 350g.