Sensors & Instrumentation

Digital display of pressure

RDP Group’s range of pressure test gauges feature a digital display rather than the conventional dial. The J-series eliminates the risk of parallax and interpolation errors, making readings quicker and more accurate.

There are no moving parts, allowing a long life, linearity through the pressure range and no loss of accuracy when subjected to excess pressure. The sensors provide high or low readings and allow zero and span adjustments for calibration.

RDP Group

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The Model 244E temperature transmitter from Rosemount Measurement is fully PC programmable, through Windows software and a serial-port configuration interface.

The transmitter, which converts signals from a variety of sensors into a 4-20mA output, can be mounted directly on to the sensor head or to a DIN rail. It is stable to 0.1 degrees C over 12 months and incorporates a hardware alarm switch.

Rosemount Measurement

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