Sensor small but perfectly formed

Penny & Giles claims to have made the world’s smallest linear position sensor with the launch of its VRVT 050 which has a body diameter of 5mm and a body-to-stroke ratio of 1.2:1. The device is an in-cylinder position sensor for installation in smaller bore actuators where space is at a premium. Its threaded core configuration and sub-miniature body size simplifies installation and minimises machining costs.

Compact dimensions also make the VRVT 050 suitable for retrofitting to cylinders which could otherwise fit only external devices.


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The SEM 210 smart in-head temperature transmitter from Status Instruments accepts any commonly used temperature sensor, slidewire transducer or millivolt signal and converts the output to the industry standard 4-20mA. The unit is easily programmed for sensor type and range.

A software package running under Windows on a PC communicates via an interface adapter down the same pair of wires that carry the 4-20mA output signal which enables re-programming or interrogation while the transmitter is connected in an existing loop.


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The Solartron Linear Encoder is for use in any application where a high level of accuracy is required, such as measuring first-off precision machined components in a standards room or the calibration of standards and gauges.

The linear encoder can also be used to determine the position of moving parts such as X-Y tables on a microscope in a laboratory environment. There are two stroke lengths of 12mm and 25mm with 50mm and 100mm stroke probes to be launched later this year. The encoders are operated by a standard spring return or they can be activated remotely by a cable lift.


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