September 1869: Festiniog Railway

A major tourist attraction, Festiniog was the first narrow-gauge railway in Britain to carry passengers

We have during the last five or six years invariably, if not continually, advocated the extended adoption of what has come to be known as the ‘light system’ of railway traffic. Our views on this subject have been persistently disputed by writers who we believe lacked any practical experience in the working of railways of less gauge than 4ft. 8 1/2in.; but, on the other hand, it is worth bearing in mind that not a few of the most eminent engineers of the day have admitted that opinions similar to those we have expressed were perfectly correct; while a still more numerous body, conceding that the narrow gauge – a feature in the light system – was right in theory, reserved their judgement until some practical results in its favour had been obtained…

Festiniog Railway 1

Festiniog Railway 2

Festiniog Railway 3

Festiniog Railway 4