Quiet operators suit office equipment

Neckar-Motoren is offering a range of motors that are claimed to be quiet in operation and suitable for office equipment and precision instrumentation.

The range includes single-phase (K series) and three-phase (D series) motors. Available in power outputs from 0.2-80W and 0.5-100W respectively, they can be supplied with special windings for use with frequency converters. Motor reversing is achieved by switching connections.


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Portescap has developed a range of autoclavable motors designed for handheld tools used in medical applications such as drilling teeth and the sawing of bones.

The motors can cope with at least 100 cycles of sterilisation at 135 degrees C, each lasting 20 minutes in 100% humidity at 3.6bar, according to the company.

To maintain their performance rating in high-torque, low-speed work, the three motors in the range can be fitted with a planetary gearbox.


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