Motors by Astrosyn add shine to Starlite

Stage and event lighting specialist Starlite has chosen equipment from stepper motor company Astrosyn to drive its computer-controlled synchronised lighting units.

Sixteen stepper motors, each mounted on a1200W lighting unit, drive many functions including colour change and filtering, focus and image projection.

The compact, high-torque motors were given modified shafts which Astrosyn says it provides at low cost using modern prototyping methods.

Starlite chose the motors because they allow precise, repeatable motion control with good torque/speed ratios over a wide speed range, Astrosyn says.


Quilting machine maker TEC Multineedle has improved the speed and accuracy of its multineedle machines using AC brushless servomotors from CT Dynamics.

Each machine is fitted with one vector motor which pushes the needles up and down, and two Unimotors one controlling the roller feed, the other a ballscrew that moves the needles from left to right for the pattern.

All three motors are driven by a CT Unidrive servo control system, which provides high stitching and positioning accuracy even at high operating speeds.

Servo control, described as being akin to techniques used by machine tool builders, enables TEC Multineedle to develop the precise three-axis motion control required for exacting performance.

This allows for cycle times of 50 milliseconds, precise movements to tolerances of 0.0005mm and loads of 14.5N and the ability to use CAD/CAM on a PC motion-control card.


Gearless drive boosts range

The Gearless Wheel Motor system from PML FlightLink provides up to 65% more cruising range per battery charge or up to twice the driving performance for many small battery-powered electric vehicles.

The company says the totally gearless arrangement allows more of the motor’s energy to be used for traction, with none being wasted overcoming gear friction or drag.