Sun Microsystems invests $57 million in Scottish economy

Sun Microsystems has recently announced the official launch of its Sun Microsystems Customer Solution Centre based at the company’s Linlithgow manufacturing site in Scotland.

Sun Microsystems Scotland has announced the official launch of the recently completed expansion to its existing Linlithgow manufacturing plant.

The new Sun Microsystems Customer Solution Centre is said to represent an inward investment of $57m into the Scottish economy, bringing the total investment made at the Linlithgow campus to $210m.

Hugh Aitken, VP Operations, Sun Microsystems Scotland B.V., said, ‘Strategic planning in difficult economic times has enabled Sun to achieve its expansion objectives in Scotland. In line with our manufacturing strategy, we will continue to outsource low-end products and focus our in-house skills and resources on the high-end product line.

‘This is where Sun can add most value to a customer’s business – by using innovative technology to help drive competitive advantage for our customers. We are seeing the role of high-end, mission critical servers, such as the Sun Fire 15000, become increasingly vital for customers to support an efficient, secure and cost effective business strategy.’

Sun’s 220,000 sq. ft facility in Linlithgow has already started production and shipping of high-end Sun Fire 15000 servers. Sun Fire 15000 units manufactured at Linlithgow will be shipped to order to meet demand from customers in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. It is expected that the facility will begin to roll out production for the Japanese market in the summer of 2003.

The Linlithgow facility has also been chosen as the single global location for delivering Remote Monitoring services to Sun’s customers worldwide. Under the Remote Monitoring program, Sun servers and storage products generate ‘events’ indicating potential hardware or software issues that may require remedial action. Sun evaluates these ‘events’, notifying the customer and then working with the customer to resolve or prevent the occurrence of any technical problem.

Previously, monitoring was carried out at three other centres worldwide in the US, Brazil and Singapore.

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