THIS WEEK THAT WAS 24 April 1908

Railway trolley carries largest plates

The Caledonian Railway company has a new type of trolley for the conveyance of armour plate and miscellaneous iron and steel plates of exceptional dimensions, and up to 30 tons weight.

The trolley measures 61ft 8in over the buffers, and is carried on two four-wheeled bogies of the diamond frame pattern, the wheels of which have cast steel centres and journals 12in by 6in diameter.

The well consists of four girders of I-section 1ft 4in deep by 6in broad, strengthened by riveted plates on top and bottom flanges. The centre girders extend close to the inside axles, at 1ft 6in centres, to afford sufficient side play for the wheels when taking sharp curves. The girders are tied together with wrought iron knees of rectangular section providing a clear space of 35ft between the centre and side girders.