Three questions to… Mick Rix, general secretary of ASLEF

Q: Will ASLEF members be going on strike if automatic train protection is not introduced?

A: The Union Executive has decided to write to the 30 train operators, asking for a clear commitment to ATP and to discuss a timetable for its introduction. We have given them seven days to respond to this request.

Q: Why did you decide to take this step?

A: We are fed up with the lack of progress. It is 10 years since the Hidden Report after the Clapham disaster, when the Conservative government hid behind the Health and Safety Executive and scrapped the system, saying it was not affordable.

Q: What do you think of the Government’s reaction to the disaster?

A: We are pleased there has been a quick response from John Prescott, but hope there will be no half measures from him, or we will only end up going back to the old situation.

We will cooperate fully with Sir David Davies’ investigation into the merits of ATP and other train protection systems.