June 1999

Thirty one people injured when a London to Glasgow high-speed train collided with a stationary light Pacer train at Winsford, Cheshire. Driver error blamed.

September 1997

Southall crash. Seven passengers dead and 150 injured. Driver and operator criticised as prototype safety system was switched off.

August 1996

One person killed and 69 injured when a passenger service collided with a stationary train at Watford Juntion. Railtrack criticised for not acting on similar incidents when train passed danger signals.

December 1991

Two trains bound for Cardiff collided in a tunnel under the River Severn, injuring 102 passengers. Cause not found.

July 1991

Four dead and 22 injured in a collision at Newton, near Glasgow. Single-line layout blamed.

October 1990

Two passengers died and 240 injured when a train hit the buffers at Cannon Street. Driver error blamed.

August 1990

Train driver killed and 35 passengers injured when a freight train collided with a passenger service at Stafford. A broken axle on the freight train was blamed.