Integrated Servo Actuator Design Platform

Reliance introduces a new servo actuator design platform at the Farnborough Air Show. The linear actuation design includes mechanics, electronics and control, providing a fully integrated solution. It offers a flexible building block, for use either as a complete package or as discrete elements to be combined with customers’ existing hardware.

Reliance has worked with its customers for many years as a collaborative technical partner, supporting designers responsible for new product development. “The designers have stressed the importance of tailored solutions for their applications” explains David Sutcliffe, Aerospace & Defence Business Manager, “and they also need to bring products to market quickly and with a high degree of confidence in quality and performance. We have responded by offering a design platform, rather than an off-the-shelf product or totally bespoke approach, because it gives them the flexibility they want together with validated design information.”

Reliance brings its longstanding heritage in mechanical design into the servo actuation arena. Chief Designer, William Barraclough, explains: “By taking a multi-disciplined engineering approach we are able to optimise the overall system performance, and if customers require just the mechanical element they can be confident that it has been designed in the context of a complete system.”

The servo actuator platform offers the designer a practical, high quality design route. Extensive design verification is being undertaken in-house by Reliance in order to mitigate qualification risk and help customers achieve rapid time to market.

The servo actuator design platform, which is UK designed and manufactured and ITAR-free, offers customers a highly efficient supply chain solution.