Integrated solid modelling and machining

CNC Software has released Mastercam Solids, a new hybrid solid modeller that offers practical, streamlined solids for designers and NC programmers. Mastercam Solids is an add-on to other Mastercam products, and, when combined with Mastercam Mill, provides fully integrated solid modelling and machining.

Based on the Parasolid kernel, Mastercam Solids delivers solids creation of highly flexible 3D modelling. Solids functions include solid body construction, automated filleting and chamfering, thin wall creation and shelling, and volumetric data. Fast Boolean operation lets you add, remove or combine solids.

Mastercam Solids’ history tree lists all operation and parameters for tracking, re-ordering and editing. Users can also import Parasolid files as solids and Mastercam Solids also uses Mastercam’s full surface and wireframe modelling functions.

This hybrid modelling approach lets you use solids, surfaces and wireframe in the same model. Since each of these techniques has its own strengths, you can choose the best modelling tool for each situation and combine the methods as you see fit.

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