Intel and Compaq join up on the wireless

Intel and Compaq are collaborating to develop wireless handheld communications devices and applications used to access and transmit data over the Internet.

Compaq has also backed Intel’s Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel PCA) initiative, a development blueprint for building wireless handheld communications devices that combine voice communications and Internet access capabilities.

As part of a joint effort, the two will work to enable complex multimedia applications to run on Intel PCA-based devices.

Additionally, Compaq will support Intel in its efforts to incorporate Compaq iPAQ Pocket PCs – based on the Intel StrongARM processor – as reference platforms in Intel PCA developer kits.

Just yesterday, Intel and Symbian announced that they too were working together to accelerate software application development, this time for wireless devices based on Intel’s PCA and the Symbian OS, Symbian’s operating system for data-enabled mobile phones.

The two will port Symbian’s OS to the application processing engines for Intel PCA.

To support third party developers, they will also develop design guides for working with the Symbian OS and Intel PCA.

In addition they are to host education and technical sessions at each other’s technical development conferences: the Intel Developer Forum and the Symbian Developer Expo.

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